Featured member profile: John Viera, Ford

April 24, 2018
John Viera

Q&A with John Viera (Global Director, Sustainability & Vehicle Environmental Matters, Ford)


What inspired your company to join the Responsible Battery Coalition?

Ford is investing $11 billion to put 40 hybrid and electric vehicle models on the road by 2022. With the advent of increasing electrification, automotive companies will witness a proportional increase in high voltage battery and new battery applications. We are committed to help develop a system to manage these batteries as they reach the end of life in a manner that takes care of people and the planet. Joining RBC is a reflection of Ford’s commitment to responsible end of life management.

Describe your company's current efforts toward responsible life-cycle management of batteries (regardless of technology).

Ford is a founding member of the End of Life Vehicle Solutions (ELVS) Corp. ELVS offers a hotline that any third-party caller can contact for information on how to manage end of life vehicle batteries responsibly. ELVS can connect callers to battery recyclers or point callers to resources to learn more. Ford also ensures that waste from our own facilities – including end of life batteries – is managed responsibly.

How do you hope to contribute to RBC's mission?

Ford recognizes that there is opportunity to grow awareness and build infrastructure around responsible battery management. This growth effort requires involvement from multiple stakeholders – across public, private and government sectors. We want to do our part to provide support and resources based on our experiences and perspective to accelerate responsible management of batteries.

Twenty years from now, what would your ideal scenario be for battery manufacture and recycling?

Closed loop systems that not only contribute to a circular economy but also create value for and benefit people and the environment. An ideal battery value chain will include battery-powered solutions that are responsibly sourced and responsibly managed at end of life.We are excited to be part of this first-of-its-kind coalition and community of responsible battery champions. You can learn more about what Ford is doing to minimize waste and how we seek to improve people’s lives around the world and create value for all our stakeholders (including the environment!) at sustainability.ford.com.