Featured member profile: Phillip Cozad, Honda North America

March 27, 2019

What inspired your company to join the coalition?Honda joined the coalition to work directly with those involved in the lifecycle management of batteries. We want to focus on the development of best practices to ensure the responsible recycling of used or damaged batteries (from dealers and third-party sources). In addition, we want to apply the best practices for the battery that we are learning within the RBC to other materials in terms of lifecycle.Describe your company’s current efforts toward responsible lifecycle management of batteries (regardless of technology).From a consumer perspective, Honda currently provides consumers with information on how best to recycle used or damaged batteries. This information can be found on the battery label and/or in the Owner’s Manual.How do you hope to contribute to RBC’s mission?As Honda, we want to share our current experiences and past practices to develop an industry-based solution to support the responsible lifecycle management of batteries. Personally, I have been involved in product HazMat & Recycling initiatives for over 15 years and would like to leverage my experience to support this initiative.Twenty years from now, what would be your ideal scenario for battery manufacturing and recycling?Twenty years from now, I would like to see a fully developed and successfully implemented battery lifecycle that also includes the re-use of the batteries for other applications, as well as the re-use of these valuable resources for new batteries and/or other viable alternatives.