Featured member profile: Shane Thompson, Battery Solutions

November 17, 2018

What inspired your company to join the coalition?We were impressed by the quality of the people involved in the RBC enterprise, the thoughtful and science-based approach to identifying problems facing the battery (recycling) industry, and how best to go about addressing them. Lastly, we value the gap-filling nature of the organization, that RBC plugs in input into areas that other organizations are not mindful of or otherwise engaged in.Describe your company’s current efforts toward responsible lifecycle management of batteries (regardless of technology).Battery Solutions is a leader in the field of battery recycling, in no small part because we’re committed to understanding recycling though the entire battery lifecycle. We understand how batteries are made and we work with companies that use batteries in their products. We are already starting to develop a second life for the batteries we collect. In the years to come that will include a refurbishment and reuse application for small-format batteries as well as larger HEV/EV-type batteries as they reach EOL.How do you hope to contribute to RBC’s mission?As a recycler we have a unique position in the lifecycle of the battery. We hope to be a source of information to other members as well as the public at large about the issues associated with the safe transport, handling and storage of spent EOL batteries. Once batteries are collected we are able to advise of the triage process to determine which should go for material recovery (materials Ni, Co etc.) and which for refurbishment and or reuse.Twenty years from now, what would be your ideal scenario for battery manufacturing and recycling?We envision the circular economy in full swing and batteries (among other material-based products) in a complete circle of renewable material reuse. These important products are an example of our economy not only doing the right thing by recycling, but also doing the smart thing in renewing natural resources rather than continuing to extract from the earth.