2M Battery Challenge launched at Senate Auto Caucus briefing

February 20, 2018
Adam makes a point

A coalition of leading vehicle battery manufacturers, recyclers, retailers and users dedicated to the responsible manufacturing, use and reuse of vehicle batteries launched an initiative Feb. 13 to recover 2 million more batteries, with the goal of achieving a 100% recycling rate. The campaign, called the 2 Million Battery Challenge, aims to encourage consumers to bring their used vehicle batteries to the nearest participating auto parts retailer so they can be properly recycled.“The recycling of vehicle batteries is one of the great achievements in protecting public and environmental health,” said Ramon Sanchez, Ph.D., of the Harvard University School of Public Health and chair of the Responsible Battery Coalition’s Science Advisory Board. “With 99% of the vehicle batteries in North America currently being recycled, we are reducing pollution, including the greenhouse emissions caused from sourcing new battery materials. Getting the remaining 2 million batteries recycled will make this positive impact even better.”The event, sponsored by the Senate Auto Caucus, included a panel discussion featuring members of the Responsible Battery Coalition, its partners and expert advisors. Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH), co-chair of the caucus, commended the Responsible Battery Coalition’s members for their environmental stewardship. “What has been achieved by this industry is remarkable and stands as an example to others around the world. I applaud them for wanting to do better,” he said.