RBC science advisors chart course for future activities

July 31, 2017
Harvard T.H. Chan

In June 2017, the RBC Science Advisory Board held its first meeting to set priorities and agree to a way forward. The meeting was hosted at Harvard University by Board Chairman Ramon Sanchez, PhD, Director of the Sustainable Technologies and Health Program, Center for Health and the Global Environment, at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health.The group had a highly engaging conversation on sustainable practices in energy storage. The discussion covered several relevant subjects, including the need to examine the public health benefits of recycling lead acid at current levels and how to assess and promote the benefit to public health and the environment of collecting the remaining 1% of lead-acid batteries not currently recycled or reused.Additionally, the group is looking to the future with the goal of supporting the implementation of best practices for battery recycling and reuse in areas where less advanced systems may be in place for managing materials lifecycle.