Responsible Battery Coalition Statement on Climate Bill Signed Into Law

August 16, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Responsible Battery Coalition (RBC), a coalition of leading battery industry and battery-use stakeholders, issued the following statement  regarding the incentives to stimulate wider adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) contained in the Inflation Reduction Act signed into law by President Joe Biden today:

“This law is intended to jumpstart America’s transition towards an electrified transportation future and highlights the critical need to address the lifecycle management of EV batteries to keep them in the economy through recycling, and therefore out of the environment,” said Responsible Battery Coalition Executive Director Steve Christensen. “We believe much more needs to be done to ensure that all transportation batteries are part of a circular economy that maximizes battery life and use, and includes recycling to recover valuable resources at the end of life. We will continue to work with policymakers to ensure that lifecycle management is a key part of the long-term transition towards a future increasingly reliant on automotive batteries.”


About the Responsible Battery Coalition

The RBC is a coalition of companies, academics, and organizations committed to the responsible management of the batteries of today and tomorrow. Members include: Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, Clarios,  FedEx, Ford Motor Company, Honda, Li-Cycle, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Terracycle.  RBC was created in April 2017 to advance the responsible production, transport, sale, use, reuse, recycling and resource recovery of transportation, industrial and stationary batteries and other energy storage devices. For more information: