TSC’s Dr. Carole Mars to serve as technical advisor to RBC

January 23, 2018
Carole Mars

Dr. Carole Mars, Senior Research Lead at The Sustainability Consortium (TSC), will serve as technical advisor and “expert on loan” to assist the collaboration effort between the Responsible Battery Coalition (RBC) and the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) to assess supply chain capabilities for lithium ion (Li+) batteries used in hybrid and electric vehicles.The Responsible Battery Coalition has partnered with TSC to leverage these tools as part of the RBC ecosystem supporting responsible battery management. TSC is a global organization transforming the consumer goods industry to deliver more sustainable consumer products.Dr. Mars will apply TSC’s industry-leading sustainability measurement tools to assess current performance, identify best practices, and determine improvement opportunities across the full life-cycle of Li+ batteries. These tools include a methodology to determine the hotspots present in the Li+ battery life-cycle and key performance indicators (KPI) to assess performance of organizations and their suppliers in the Li+ battery industry.“We’re delighted that Carole Mars will serve as ‘expert on loan’ to the Responsible Battery Coalition to assist this important project,” said Pat Hayes, RBC executive director. “TSC brings unique capabilities to identify and evaluate supply chain impacts, and its assistance will be invaluable in helping us identify opportunities for industry leadership advancing responsible management for batteries.”Dr. Mars states, “Partnering with RBC represents a great new chapter in the application of TSC tools and the positive impacts they can have on value chains. I look forward to engaging with the members of RBC on the vital work of creating, implementing, and improving a sustainable and responsible battery management system for all types of batteries”.At TSC, Dr. Mars is responsible for the development of the Sustainability Measurement and Reporting System for manufactured goods supply chains. In addition, she leads research initiatives at TSC related to consumer adoption of low temperature wash for laundry, used electronics management, and applications of TSC’s work in supporting circular economy business models. She earned her PhD from Pennsylvania State University in surface analytical chemistry, and a bachelor’s of science degree in chemistry from the University of Arizona.