Who can join the Responsible Battery Coalition?

Membership in the Responsible Battery Coalition (RBC) is by invitation, and is open to any company that manufactures, sells, is a major user of, or is involved in the responsible reuse, recycling and management of energy storage or batteries used in the transportation, industrial or stationary sectors.

Can other organizations interested in the topic of responsible batteries get involved?

Yes. The RBC is forming alliances with a number of nonprofit and non-governmental organizations whose missions align with and help advance the RBC mission.

What is the mission of the RBC and why was it formed?

The RBC is a nonprofit coalition of companies committed to the responsible management of the batteries of today and tomorrow.

The coalition was created to advance the responsible production, transport, sale, use, reuse, recycling, and resource recovery of transportation, industrial and stationary batteries and other energy storage devices, regardless of technology.

What exactly is a “responsible battery”?

A responsible battery meets a need, is properly managed across its life-cycle to not cause harm to people or the environment, and is reused where possible and ultimately recycled.

How is this group different from other energy storage trade or industry associations?

We are not a typical trade association that seeks to promote and protect its members with marketing and advocacy. Our members come from many different sectors, with the single purpose of advancing responsible life-cycle management of battery and energy storage technology regardless of chemistry.

As far as we are aware, no other organizations have the specific goal of promoting responsible life-cycle management of energy storage devices.

Does the RBC set technical standards?

No. Our work is to enable collaboration to advance best practices and promote life-cycle management of batteries. Technical, product or process standards are not in our scope.

Does the RBC lobby state or federal governments?

While we are a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, which allows for limited engagement in policy discussions, our purpose is not to lobby governments. We do, however, want to play a role in educating policymakers on responsible management and practices.

How can I become a member?

The RBC board of directors considers and votes on new members who bring unique visions and play different roles in the life-cycle of energy storage devices. Interested parties can contact the Executive Director of the coalition.

What is expected from board members?

Members are expected to participate in RBC board meetings, support and sponsor work group projects, and promote the mission of responsible battery management into their own spheres of influence, including supply chains and markets.

What is the time obligation/how many times a year will the coalition meet?

The board typically meets in person two to three times a year. Work groups and special project teams may decide to meet more often.

Who is on the board of directors?

The RBC expects a diverse board representing battery makers, recyclers, original equipment manufacturers and large-scale users of energy storage devices.

Can non-battery industry members join?

Yes. If a company, NGO/nonprofit or association is actively engaged in any part of the closed-loop management of batteries, or is a major user of batteries, it may also be considered for membership or collaboration.

Is there a fee to join?

The operating budget of the RBC depends upon financial support from its members. Please contact the Executive Director for applicability of fees for your organization.

Should I be concerned about anti-trust issues?

The RBC’s bylaws were carefully constructed, and the coalition has adopted a strict conflict of interest policy to avoid any such issues. Please contact the Executive Director for details.

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